Monday, June 29, 2009

Pretty for Pennies

Most likely you have a Forever 21 at your local mall. Hundreds of times I have walked right past this store never thinking to go in. Perhaps it was the name? I already have a hard enough time convincing people I am of the drinking age! I have always heard that it is THE place to go for trendy, chic and cheap clothes and accessories. Last week I was searching for a fun and bright piece of statement jewelry to accessorize a top I had purchased. I had already splurged on the shirt (juicy....yikes!) so I couldn't spend a lot. So, I drug my mom and sister into our local Forever 21 store and we were all suprised by the assortment of trendy, fashion pieces that mirror all of the hot trends in magazines this season! I found this great floral necklace that matches my top perfectly, and it only cost me $5.80!

I will definatley be visitng Forever 21 again.


Leslie said...

No one ever compliments my Tiffany's bracelet or my new James Avery earrings...instead, I get TONS of compliments on my Forever 21 hummingbird necklace :o) It only cost me $3.80 and I get a compliment EVER time I wear it! I'm still waiting for someone to compliment my Tiffany's bracelet. I love your new floral necklace! Too cute.

Elle said...

Kudos!!!! i am a huge forever 21 fan all of the sudden!!!


StephSchneider said...

Forever 21 never ceases to amaze with great pieces at amazing prices...I try to stay away, but I can't! Their jewelry and accessories have really improved over the last year - so much fun stuff! (I have a similar necklace its white and gold from F21)