Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Sweetest Occasion

There is a new blog on the block and I am already smitten! The Sweetest Occasion already has some super cute and inspiring ideas such as her weekly puppy love post!
Doesn't Lola look lovely in her string of pearls? To make your own pearl dog collar you will need embroidery thread, large faux pearls (18mm), a needle and some satin ribbon. First measure around the dog's neck and add about 12 inches. Then cut the thread to size. Tie a knot as the end of the thread and string the pearls on. Finish off the end with another knot. Now you are ready to tie the strand around your pooch. If it doesn't hold you may need to add a clasp (found at craft stores or if you have an old collar cut off the clasps). The last step is to tie a pretty sating bow around the clasp/joining of the ends.
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