Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Sweets: Little Miss Cupcake!

Last weekend was the first ever Bake for Hope Sale in Houston, TX. My little sister loves to bake and has been making her famous cupcakes for family and friends for awhile now. She decided to donate her goodies for this cause and they turned out fabulous! She even has the cutest name and slogan! Here are some pictures below:
This one is my favorite! (Could it be the color?)
yum....Carrot Cake!

The event was a huge success in its first year raising 900.00! Thanks Sugarbabys for sponsoring this event!

Little Miss Cupcakes is currently working on a website but if you are in the Houston/Cypress area contact Jennifer at:! She makes cupcakes and decorated cookies and can customize to your event's theme. Trust don't want to MISS these!


Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

Everything look so incredibly yum!!!! (And her slogan is too cute!

Glad it was a success! Best of luck in the future, "Miss"!

Leslie said...

YUM!!! Jennifer is really talented! Cute stuff!

sosnweddingdesigns said...

yay! she has gotten two jobs already :-) more pics coming soon.