Thursday, July 23, 2009

Eco-Chic Wedding Gowns

So I just now found out about Utterly Engaged, an online wedding magazine dedicated to finding creative alternatives for modern brides. They just came out with issue #2 and it is a must read! I love the spread on eco-chic wedding gowns with designs by Sarah Seven:

And Morgan Boszilkov: I can't get enough! The gowns are stunning and the photography by Stephanie Williams is magnificant! Check out the whole issue here.

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The imPerfect Houswife said...

Oh my word!! I love your blog! I'm not getting married, but with a 17 and 19 year old girl, I think about weddings a lot - and paying for them! I'm soooo following this blog and will take a gander at your Etsy shop. Great job!! ~