Wednesday, September 9, 2009


sooo......I just saw the most amazing thing this morning on great full day. we already discussed beautiful vintage books earlier this week......
but these are no ordinary books...........

surprise! they are hollowed out to create the most extraordinary invite ever designed by photographer jessica claire for her upcoming wedding! each book was carefully picked and purchased from old bookstores and hollowed out by hand

the inside left side features a copper "library card" paper pocket to house details such as map, response card and wedding itinerary. the invite is nestled in the hollowed out portion of the right side held secure with a grey grosgrain ribbon sealed on the side with a copper wax seal with a lock picture. (second image above)

invitations were letter pressed, burned around the edges and feature vintage buttons purchased on ebay.
the final product was wrapped in brown paper and mailed lovingly to the guests of the bride and groom! this is truly a unique and inspiring project! kuddos to jessica and her team of helpers for hands down the best invite i have seen!!

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Beaty Photography said...

love it! jessica is so talented & creative!