Monday, September 28, 2009

Mini DIY Project: love bird ornament

I created this little birdie awhile back to display with some of my wedding photographs and I recently thought how it would make a great "First Christmas Together" ornament for a couple. It is very easy to make and would look really pretty tied onto a wedding gift!

Here is the scoop:
1. Chip board shape (purchased in a pack from Micheals)

2. sterling glitter (martha stewart @ micheals)

3. glitter glue (not pictured because quite frankly mine looks ugly)

4. millinery flowers

5. ribbon

6. paper tag (miscellaneous tags/or create your own with card stock + printer)

Start by spreading glue evenly over one side of the chip board cut out. Glitter glue should come with a brush tool for easy application. Smother with glitter, shake off excess, and let dry. Repeat with the other side and edges. Next, use your creativity to embellish your ornament. I cut out the word "I Do" and backed it with a ribbon banner (made by folding a piece of ribbon in half and cutting end at an angle) I then added a crown of millinery flowers to the birds head. To turn it into an ornament you may either drill a hole to the original wood cut out (before glittering) OR simply hot glue a loop to the back of the ornament.

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