Friday, December 11, 2009

My early Christmas present!

Meet Ellie MaeMy husband found this poor little pup in the freezing cold last weekend. She had been hanging out around my brother-in-law's house and we think someone dumped her there :(
I have been wanting a second dog forever and Matt always said no because our yellow lab is pretty aggressive with other dogs. He couldn't leave this poor puppy in the cold so he brought her home and the rest is history.....
We decided to call her Ellie. Later that day we were watching the Beverly Hillbillies and the daughter's name is Ellie Mae......well as it turns out, the family on the movie is from Arkansas (and we live in AR), and the neighborhood where she was dumped in called Beverly Hills! It was a match made in heaven :) Lucky little Ellie is loving her new home.


Leslie said...

So sweet! I'm glad she has a good home :o)

Beaty Photography said...

Awhhh she is SO cute!!! So glad you rescued her.