Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Meet my new drawer. She is vintage with a metal cup pull handle, and is a perfect shade of green. Now you may be wondering what her purpose is.......but I have a plan! I own a cute green chair that has never really had a place. I am going to put my lovely drawer on top and have and instee bedside table for storing books. And if that doesn't work out.....I still have a fabulous drawer I can use as a prop at our upcoming craft shows :-)

oh, and she has a sister.......if anyone is interested!

{purchased at Barn~Fly}


valarie.nettleton said...

Thank-you, LittleBirdie :), I really appreciate you placing Barnfly and the little green drawer in your blog! I love to paint old things in vintage colors but have never been able to find THIS true of a vintage green color. I'm so happy you loved it too! I knew it found a great home! I love the ideas you have in here and have marked you a favorite. I'll be back real soon. P.S. - Thanks to your blog I sold the twin but do still have a larger one. THANK-YOU AGAIN...BEAUTIFUL BLOG! Val

SomethingBlue said...

Thanks Val! I absoultely love this color. My dresser is the same, and I have been trying to decorate my room around this shade. The drawer is a perfect addition!